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The Perfect Solution that You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Views: 0     Author: BunnyTeeth Technology Inc.     Publish Time: 2022-07-15      Origin: BunnyTeeth Technology Inc.

The Perfect Solution that You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

The human body is a vast ecosystem with a large number of microorganisms in skin, intestines, mouth, and genitals. The microorganisms and parasites that cause infections and diseases in humans are referred to as pathogens. In recent years, the pathogens that cause human infections have become increasingly complex. The rapid identification of pathogens source has become a key aspect of fast diagnosis of etiology.

In contrast, clinical samples may contain a large number of host cells and host nucleic acids. In contrast, pathogenic nucleic acids usually represent a small fraction of the host nucleic acids. Therefore, host nucleic acids are the biggest interference factor in the accuracy of test results. Then an efficient host removal reagent will greatly help to improve the terminal test results.

Traditional host removal reagents tend to focus on extraction volume, using a volume-based approach to excessively pursue high extraction volumes, but also lead to high host nucleic acid residues.

BunnyTeeth Technology Inc. uses a unique differential lysis technology that can specifically remove host cells and nucleic acids while retaining intact pathogenic microorganisms in the sample, which both ensures nucleic acid extraction and is targeted to remove host factors.

Four Advantages

Various Sample Types: Widely support blood, saliva, alveolar lavage fluid, sputum, swabs and other biological fluid samples.

Unbiased: Unbiased microbial nucleic acid extraction, compatible with multiple pathogen types, minimizes microbial loss in samples.

High Efficiency and Simplicity: Fast and simple operation to minimize the host background and enrich microorganisms efficiently.

Wide Applications: Compatible with a variety of downstream applications, including PCR, qPCR, mNGS, etc., ensuring the accuracy and precision of downstream experiments.

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BunnyPureTM Host Removal Kit


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