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Genes, the secret that has to be told

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Genes, the secret that has to be told

There is a Chinese proverb that as a man sows, so he shall reap. Why is it like that? Is there something invisible controlling all this? With the development of science now, it should be all known that it is genetic genes that ensure the continuation of biological characteristics. So how do genes work?

In 1953 Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase proved that the genetic factor is DNA, and then James D. Watson and Francis Crick proposed the double helix structure of DNA. It is through the self-replication of DNA and the stable structure of the double helix that genetic information is passed from one generation to the next that species continue.

Then later scientists discovered that DNA is composed of four base molecules in accordance with the principle of complementary base pairing to form a double helix long chain structure to carry genetic information, but what material allows genetic information to determine biological traits? Take children as an example, obviously born of one parent, the younger brother looks like the mother and the older sister looks like the father, why does this happen? After research, scholars have concluded that the various traits of living organisms are determined by a variety of protein molecules. DNA and proteins have become an important part of the life form on earth.

DNA is the carrier of genetic information and a gene is the smallest unit used to measure genetic information, it is a part of DNA, i.e. a fragment of DNA with genetic information that can be called a gene, which exists in the form of a sequence of bases on a thin DNA molecule. The relationship between genes and DNA is shown in the following diagram.

With the deciphering of the DNA genome, the mystery of genes has been slowly solved, so that human beings can explore the mystery of life at the molecular level, which has brought about the flourishing of biomedicine, genetics and bioengineering. At the same time, as research progressed, it was discovered that DNA replication and transmission could not be guaranteed to be totally correct, and there was a certain probability of accidental errors or alterations. These accidental errors or alterations, on the one hand, bring about biological diversity, allowing human to have innate differences in looks, personality, etc., but on the other hand, they may also lead to defects, which in turn make humans more susceptible to certain diseases, even leukemia, hemophilia, various types of cancer, etc.

It is said that God closes one door while opening another one for you. Although genetics is not absolutely perfect as we think, with the development of science and technology, new technologies such as genetic diagnosis, molecular diagnosis and treatment are constantly applied, so that these diseases once feared have been diagnosed and treated one after another.

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References: L. M. Wang. Human Gene Editing [M]. Zhejiang: Zhejiang People's Publishing House, 2017.

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