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BunnyQuant dsDNA HS Assay Kit

BunnyQuant dsDNA HS Assay Kit is a rapid, sensitive and accurate fluorescent quantitative assay for double-stranded DNA (dsDNA). It is used in conjunction with a fluorometric quantification instrument or enzymatic standard for pre-analytical quantification of nucleic acids and allows for accurate quantification of double-stranded DNA from 0.2 ng/μL to 100 ng/μL. Its processed product is used for nucleic acid analysis.

  • 100 reactions/ 500 reactions/ 1000 reactions

  • BunnyQuant

  • DL01BT0100/DL01BT0500/DL01BT1000

BunnyQuant dsDNA HS Assay Kit

Product Description

BunnyQuant dsDNA HS Assay Kit is a fluorescent quantification kit for the specific detection of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA). The product is highly selective for dsDNA with good linearity in the 0.2-100 ng range. It can accurately detect dsDNA from various sources including genomic DNA, cell-free DNA, PCR amplification products, sequencing libraries, etc. The detection process is easy, safe and efficient, which is ideal for the quantification of NGS DNA samples.

Product Advantages

  1. Easy Operation: Mix the sample with the fluorescent reagent and after 2 minutes, use Qubit fluorometer or Elisa reader to test.

  2. High Sensitivity: The detection limit is lower to 200 pg.

  3. Good Tolerance: Tolerant to higher concentrations of salt, urea, ethanol, chloroform, detergents, proteins or agarose and other conventional contaminants.

  4. Broad Compatibility: Compatible with DNA quantification from multiple sample sources (plasma, blood, FFPE, tissue, alveolar lavage, swabs, etc.).

Experimental Data


Figure 1-2. High agreement of quantification results with reference standard and competitive product.

Using BunnyQuant dsDNA HS Assay Kit and ThermoFisher relevant kit, 10 dsDNA standards (Lambda DNA) at known concentrations were quantified using Qubit fluorometer and Elisa reader respectively, and the results of the assay were equivalent to those of the reference standards and the competitor's equivalent products.


Figure 3. Excellent binding specificity

Use BunnyQuant dsDNA HS Assay Kit to quantify dsDNA, RNA, and a mixture of DNA and RNA (1:1). The results showed that the product had high binding specificity for dsDNA and not for RNA.


Table 1. Excellent tolerability to conventional contaminants

Use BunnyQuant dsDNA HS Assay Kit to quantify dsDNA from the samples containing conventional contaminants (e.g., salts, free nucleotides, proteins, solvents, etc.). The results displayed that our product had excellent tolerability.


Figure 4. Fast dye binding speed

For 3 dsDNA samples with different concentrations, use BunnyQuant dsDNA HS Assay Kit to test per 1 minute after the 1st minute of addition, and record the change of the samples' concentration in 5 minutes. The product bound dsDNA quickly and reached saturation within 1 minute.


Figure 5-6. The DNA quantification results of different samples.

Use BunnyQuant dsDNA HS Assay Kit and ThermoFisher equivalent to quantify DNA from different sample types by  a Qubit fluorometer and a Elisa reader respectively. The figure displayed that our product can effectively detect dsDNA in different samples.

Product Component

Main Composition: Lysis Binding Buffer, Washing Buffer 1 & 2, Proteinase K, Superparamagnetic beads.

Storage Conditions

The dsDNA reagent (stored away from light) is stored at -20 ℃, and the 20X buffer and standards are stored at 2-8 ℃. 

The kit is valid for 1 year.

Simple Workflow



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