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BunnyQuant RNA HS Assay Kit

  • 100 tests/ 500 tests

  • BunnyTeeth Technology

BunnyQuant RNA HS Assay Kit

Product Description

Qubit RNA HS Assay Kit is a fluorescent quantification kit for RNA specific detection. The kit is highly selective for RNA and has good linearity in the range of 5ng-100ng. It can accurately measure total RNA, rRNA and mRNA samples, and the assay process is safe and efficient, and can be performed at room temperature, providing an accurate and selective method for the quantification of low-abundance RNA samples.

Product advantages

  1. High sensitivity: detects RNA down to 5ng, saving valuable samples.

  2. Good tolerance: highly selective for RNA, unaffected by DNA, and tolerant to higher concentrations of conventional contaminants such as salt, urea, ethanol, chloroform, detergents, proteins or agarose.

  3. Easy to operate: simply mix the sample to be tested with the fluorescence detection reagent and wait for 2 minutes for detection by Qubit fluorometer or Elisa reader.


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