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BunnyPure Host DNA Depletion Kit for mNGS

  • 25 tests/ 50 tests/ 100 tests/ 200 tests

  • BunnyTeeth Technology

BunnyPure Host DNA Depletion Kit for mNGS

Product Description

This product is used during nucleic acid extraction, in mNGS (Metagenomic Next-generation Sequencing) process to remove host DNA from human samples including alveolar lavage, sputum, and thoracoabdominal fluid. Also, this product is used to increase the percentage of pathogenic sequences and achieve effective enrichment of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, DNA viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc.) with limited sequencing data, thereby improving the sensitivity of detection.

Product Advantage:

  1. High efficiency: achieve 10-100 times higher pathogen sequence share to improve detection sensitivity

  2. Low time consumption: total process time is controlled within 30 minutes


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