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BunnyNGS Library Quantification Kit for Illumina(qPCR)

  • 100 tests/ 500 tests

  • BunnyTeeth Technology

BunnyNGS Library Quantification Kit for Illumina(qPCR)

Product Description

This product uses the dye qPCR method (SYBR Green I) for accurate quantification of libraries in the Illumina sequencing process. The kit provides DNA reference standards, SYBR qPCR Master Mix, amplification primers and the reference dye ROX. The reference standard contains six double-stranded DNA fragment solutions at a concentration of 0.0002pM-20pM; the amplification primers are designed based on NGS library junction sequences P5 and P7 to ensure specific amplification of library molecules with intact double-ended junctions; SYBR qPCR Master Mix is a fuel-based qPCR premix with antibody-based hot start, which exhibits efficient and specific amplification in samples of different lengths and GC contents, and is well suited for absolute quantification of library concentration.

Product advantages:

  1. High amplification efficiency, good GC content compatibility

  2. Compatible with all mainstream quantitative PCR instruments

  3. Strict quality control to ensure maximum batch-to-batch stability


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