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BunnyMag Cell-free DNA Isolation Kit

BunnyMag Cell-free DNA Isolation Kit uses magnetic beads with a unique separation function and a unique buffer system to extract high quality cfDNA from 0.5-4 mL of fresh or frozen plasma, serum, pleural fluid, ascites, cerebrospinal fluid and other cell-free body fluids.
  • 25 tests/ 50 tests/ 100 tests/200 tests

  • BunnyMag

  • TQ01BT0025/TQ01BT0050/TQ01BT0100/TQ01BT0200

BunnyMag Cell-free DNA Isolation Kit

Prouduct Description

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is a fragment of cfDNA released from cells into the bloodstream that can carry biological information from tumors, pathogens and fetuses. The analysis of cfDNA provides key markers for diagnosis, detection and monitoring of disease progression. Currently, this technology has been widely used in the fields of tumor mutation detection, targeted drug guidance and prognosis, pathogen detection and non-invasive prenatal screening.

High quality nucleic acid is the guarantee for genomics research. BunnyTeeth Technology inc. uses superparamagnetic bead purification technology to provide users with a highly sensitive nucleic acid extraction solution that easily achieves trace nucleic acid extraction for low concentration. As verified by thousands of clinical samples, this product can extract high quality cfDNA from cell-free body fluids such as fresh or frozen plasma, serum, pleural fluid, ascites and cerebrospinal fluid for scientific research and clinical in-vitro diagnostic use.

Product Advantage

  1.  Efficient Extraction: High DNA extraction yield, good purity, effective removal of impurities and downstream PCR inhibitors.

  2. Flexible Sample Incorporation: Easy extraction of cfDNA from 0.5mL to 4mL samples with elution volumes as low as 20μL.

  3. Diverse Applications: Validated by clinical samples, designed for tumor, infection and prenatal diagnosis with liquid biopsy.

  4. Wide Support of Automated Platform: Compatible with manual and automated extraction procedures, support Tecan, Hamilton, PE and other nucleic acid extraction workstations.

Experimental Data


Figure 1. Efficient recovery of plasma cfDNA with different nucleic acid quantity.

A known amount of exogenous DNA fragment was added to plasma to simulate 3 gradients of high and low nucleic acid content samples. And nucleic acids are extracted simultaneously using 3 kits. BunnyMag Cell-free DNA Isolation Kit can recover cfDNA fragments from samples with different nucleic acid quantity efficiently, and the nucleic acid yield and reproducibility are better than similar products from competing companies.


Figure 2. Good linearity of cfDNA recovery efficiency in different volumes of plasma samples.

The cfDNA yields showed good linearity with the plasma sample volume, using BunnyMag Cell-free DNA Isolation Kit for 0.5, 1, 2, and 4 mL plasma samples respectively. The peak profiles of cfDNA extracted from different volumes of samples are in perfect agreement after extracted DNA was detected by Agilent 2100.


Figure 3. cfDNA fluorescence quantitative PCR Ct values

Nucleic acids were extracted from 2 mL of plasma samples using different brands of cfDNA extraction kits and then quantified by fluorescence. The Ct value of BunnyMag Cell-free DNA Isolation Kit performance is respectively small.

Product Component

Packing Content

Main components

Lysis Binding Buffer

Guanidine isothiocyanate, 5 M

Washing Buffer 1

Guanidine isothiocyanate, 3 M

Washing Buffer 2

Ethanol absolute, 80%

Proteinase K

20 mg/mL Proteinase K

Magnetic Beads

Nano-magnetic beads

Storage Conditions

Please take out the magnetic beads and proteinase K and store at 2-8℃, and others store at  10-30℃. 

The validity period is 12 months.

Simple Workflow



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