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The company's products mainly include: sample storage tubes, free DNA extraction, genomic DNA extraction, RNA extraction, DNA product purification, PCR/RT-PCR and qPCR products,
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) library construction products and technical services, cloning and point mutation products, RPA rapid detection kits, protein detection related products.
In addition, the company also provides common laboratory instruments and automated workstations, automated nucleic acid extractors and supporting reagents, and an integrated solution for the open mainstream automated nucleic acid extraction platform.


About BunnyTeeth

BunnyTeeth Technology Inc. is committed to building a complete core technology platform for bioengineering, building a high-quality biotech product chain and a technical service chain, with the ambition to become a global leader in molecular diagnostic. BunnyTeeth Technology Inc. will also provide customers with a full-range of one-stop service solution in the field of molecular diagnostics and clinical testing.

Adhering to the belief and mission of promoting the development of life sciences in China, BunnyTeeth Technology Inc. focuses on the field of biological engineering, relying on the core competitiveness of independent research and development, introducing international top-class production equipment and production processes, and establishing a complete set of internal quality control system.


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What is the secret of the "1.2-million-dollar anticancer drug"?
Recently, the news of "$1.2 million anti-cancer drug" has pushed CAR-T therapy to the people. Most people are more curious and have questions about this new therapy than about its expensive price.The principle of CAR-T therapy is not difficult to understand. Simply, it is the modification of T-lymph



The Perfect Solution that You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
The Perfect Solution that You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It TooThe human body is a vast ecosystem with a large number of microorganisms in skin, intestines, mouth, and genitals. The microorganisms and parasites that cause infections and diseases in humans are referred to as pathogens. In recent year



Genes, the secret that has to be told
Genes, the secret that has to be toldThere is a Chinese proverb that as a man sows, so he shall reap. Why is it like that? Is there something invisible controlling all this? With the development of science now, it should be all known that it is genetic genes that ensure the continuation of biologica



Quality Identification Song after Nucleic Acid Extraction
Nucleic acid purification has been widely used in molecular biology laboratories. How to obtain high quality and high purity DNA or RNA samples is crucial to the smooth performance of downstream experiments. Therefore, the identification of purified nucleic acids is also an essential step.



Analysis of Four Conventional Nucleic Acid Purification Methods
Analysis of Four Conventional Nucleic Acid Purification Methods From the development history of nucleic acid extraction technology, nucleic acid extraction has gone through four main development stages.② Precipitation method with organic solvent extraction technology. ③ Spin column method with

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